Directions from Water

Please note:
Port Largo is a very busy canal with many commercial fishing, snorkeling and dive charters. Monitor VHF channel 16 for security calls at the Jetty and Crash Corner. All private vessels should also make a security call on channel 16 both inbound and outbound at the Jetty and Crash Corner. The Marina Del Mar dock office monitors channel 16.

From the North: Follow Hawks Channel SSW to Marker "35" (at Mosquito Bank) then turn starboard (to the right) and travel due West to Marker #2 (Fl R 2.5s 16ft 4M "2")
From the South: Follow Hawks Channel NNE to Marker "37" (off Rodriguez Key). Then travel North to Marker #2 (Fl R 2.5s 16ft 4M "2")

From Marker "2"

N25' 04.450 - W80' 25.625
Head NNW to Marker "4", then N to Marker "6" and "8". You will see a rock "Jetty" on your port (left) and a green house on your starboard (right) bow. Follow "Port Largo Canal" and remain on the main canal. You will come to a 90 degree left (port) turn at "Crash Corner", after turn continue down Port Largo Canal until it makes a gradual turn again to your port (left). The Courtyard Key Largo at this point will be on your starboard (right) bow, and Marina Del Mar on your port (left) bow. Slip #'s are written in RED on the dock boxes.
You are now at N25' 05.740 - W80' 26.180


Directions from Land

From the north: Follow US Route 1 from Florida City (mile marker 126) down to Key Largo. At mile marker 100, turn left at the Holiday Inn (next to the Valero Gas Station/Dunkin Donuts). Make your first left onto Caribbean Drive and follow about 1/8 mile to Marina Del Mar (on left). See Dockmaster in his office inside Marina Del Mar.